Terms & Conditions

-Licensed with the Ministry of Transport of Japan in accordance with the provision of the Travel Agency law
-Scope of activities: Overseas travel, Domestic travel
-Registration number: Travel agent registered by the commissioner of Japan Tourism agency No.1409
-Registration date:  26 March 1996
-Term of validity:  25 March 2014 to 25 March 2019

Name: Arc Three International Co.,Ltd

Name of Branch & Certified Travel Service Managers:

Head office: Hiroshi MAKI, Katsunori ARAKI

Tokyo branch:  Masaru MIYAMOTO

Kansai Gaidai University: Kiyomi MATSUDA, Satomi TANAKA

Daikanyama branch: Nobuyuki NONOGUCHI

Fukuoka branch:  Tomoko KUBOTA

Nagoya branch: Isamu OGURI


The name of certified travel service manager is the person responsible for transactions at each sales locations that handle customer travel.

If you have any questions regarding this travel agreement after the explanation by the person in charge, do not hesitate in asking our certified travel manager.

Trustee contract JTB, Nippon Travel Agency, Kinki Nippon Tourist, Jal Pak Etc

Standard Terms & Condition of Travel Contracts(標準旅行業約款)

Agent-Organized Tour Contract(募集型企画旅行契約の部)

Custom-Ordered Tour Contract(受注型企画旅行契約の部)

Special compensation rules(特別補償規定)

Arranged Tour Contracts(手配旅行契約の部)

Travel Consultation Contracts(旅行相談契約の部)

Agency Contracts for Procedure for Going Abroad(渡航手続代行契約の部)

International Air Transport Association (IATA)(国際運送契約)

Travel Conditions             

Arranged tour(手配旅行条件書)

Agent-Organized Tour (Overseas)(募集型企画旅行条件書-海外旅行)

Agent-Organized Tour (Domestic)(募集型企画旅行条件書-国内旅行)

Custom-Ordered Tour(受注型企画旅行条件書)

The English translation of Standard Terms and Condition of Travel Contracts is available upon request. However,

the original text was written in Japanese. If any discrepancies should arise between the Japanese and English texts,

the former shall prevail at all times.

Affiliated travel Institutions:

Member of Japan Association of Travel Agency Corp.(JATA), Bond Guarantee Association