Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto 2019

Cherry blossom peak blooms

Sakura (cherry blossoms) came to their forecast peak in western Japan over the past weekend. This was despite unusual blossoming in places in autumn of 2018. Some of the blossoms have already fallen, especially after some heavy rainfall and strong winds. But the later blooming trees still offer a chance to bask in the glory of their cherry blossoms.

cherry blossoms yamashina kyoto

Great weather; don’t forget your sunscreen!

The weather was glorious as the blossoms peaked over the weekend. This delighted locals and tourists enjoying their time in Japan. This meant that navigating the crowds was inevitable in major sightseeing spots such as Kyoto and Osaka.
That being said, there are still some lesser known spots, such as the Yamashina Canal (where water is directed all the way from Japan’s largest lake, Lake Biwa). Here there is a nice combination of cherry blossoms, yellow rapeseed flowers, and a nature path alongside the canal to walk and take in the quiet and fresh air away from the crowds. But true to their transient nature, they wont be around for long. So if you want to take in some great sakura sights, make sure to do it sooner rather than later (unless you are travelling further north)!

Sakura flavoured everything!

In the meantime, there is also plenty of sakura flavoured goodies to try out, such as sakura flavoured rice cakes, red bean paste filled bread buns, cookies, hot and cold drinks, and just about anything you can imagine! and the rising temperatures seem to put most people in a good mood, making this a great time to get out and about!

cherry blossoms yamashina kyoto

Boat rides are available taking you all the way from Lake Biwa to Yamashina and back again!

cherry blossoms yamashina kyoto

Making the most of any trip to Japan

We always try to propose some more off-the-beaten-track spots to all itineraries where it makes sense. And fun spots like this can be included with all types of travel (eg. school trips, business visits, kaizen training, and more). And of course this applies to all seasons, not just around the cherry blossom time of year. So if you are interested in discovering new options for an upcoming trip, stay tuned for more ideas. Or, you can get in touch to start creating the perfect trip to Japan with us today!

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