Happy New Year…of the Boar! Japan Travel in 2019

japan travel 2019

For those of you who managed so Japan travel over the New Year season, congratulations. It can be a particularly trying (but of course also incredibly rewarding) time of year for Japan travel. Things are slowly returning to normal in Japan as we celebrate the start of a new year, the year of the boar.

This year, in addition to annual events and festivals that draw visitors for Japan travel from far and near, Japan is also hosting the Rugby World Cup 2019.  This means that international visitors will be particularly high during the months of September to November. And of course late March/early April’s Cherry Blossom season, and the extended Golden Week (first week of May) period will see a lot of people travelling all over Japan as usual.

If you want to know the best times and locations to cover while avoiding the worst of the crowds and price peaks, we can help you arrange group and private travel to Japan in 2019. So get in touch.

Demand for something different during a trip to Japan is growing stronger and stronger, and more people from overseas as the major cities and well known destinations have become a relatively familiar destination to groups and private travellers from a wide variety of countries. That is why here at Japan Exclusive Tour we try to focus our tour and travel proposals on destinations and activities that introduce and area or aspect of Japan that has not yet hit the mainstream travel radar.

For example, our Kaizen training programmes, while hugely popular with business owners and those in managerial roles (especially in manufacturing industries) is still a white space for learning about the application of Kaizen in different business fields, and other aspects of study and lifestyle.
Another example of how we are sharing lesser known destinations with our contacts is by providing budget friendly air travel to an ever growing number of destinations connecting Japan’s major city hubs to regional airports and their surrounding areas.
And finally, one more area that we believe is the doorway to experiencing a different side of Japan is through school group tours, where not only do students get to enjoy the visual aspect of seeing the most famous spots in Japan, they also get to interact with Japanese students of their own ages in real time, learning that there are as many similarities as there are differences between them once they get beyond the outer layer that culture and society wraps their daily lives in.

So with that said, I hope that you too share the vision to discover and create a new Japan experience for yourself or those you are organising a trip to Japan for.

Wishing all our readers and contacts the very best in the year ahead!


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